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Envirodesign designs and builds wastewater treatment systems and water recycle solutions for clients.

Buildings can earn the EnergyStar Label if energy efficiency is greater than 75% of similar buildings. A site visit must be conducted by a professional engineer before certification can be achieved.

Engineers are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals. If a project is registered for LEED certification, a LEED AP helps guide the design and construction procedure.

Envirodesign provides environmental compliance solutions which range from a single report to comprehensive facility compliance. We perform environmental audits to identify any compliance needs for a facility. Comprehensive facility compliance typically involves SARA 312 and 313 reporting, air emissions inventories, wastewater permitting and/or analysis, chemical storage and handling, environmental training, Title V/Synthetic Minor/SIP permit requirements, and any necessary agency correspondence. 

Many of Envirodesign's clients have required air pollution control devices to control the atmospheric release criteria pollutants or hazardous air pollutants. Envirodesign has led facilities through designing and building air pollution control devices. Companies with proposed facilities have retained our services for SIP permitting and subsequent Title V or synthetic minor permitting. Existing facilities utilize Envirodesign to prepare updated air emissions evaluations or agency correspondence resulting from plant modifications.

Engineers are certified as Class VI Waterworks Operators in Virginia.

Envirodesign conducts facility noise and lighting studies to determine if proper workplace conditions are employed. We also conduct soil, waste and sludge sampling to characterize any environmental issues.

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